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Hot Buy List

We are always looking to buy just about anything at any time.  However, there are certain times where we might be running low on inventory, have a need for something for a particular project or maybe see a trend that we are trying to capitalize on.  This is where we list those items.  We will be evaluating requirements and adding and deleting as market conditions change.  Below are some items that we are more aggressively pursuing.

-Lantonix SLS200 Spider KVM Switches

-NCR iTran Tansports (Hi and Low Speed)

-Unisys Quantum Sorters

-IBM 3151, 3153, 347x, 348x terminals

-IBM 1392595, 1394100, 1395660, 1395665 keyboards (Most IBM 101, 102, and 122 key keyboards for dumb terminals)

-IBM 4232 printers, 6500-xxx

-Symbol PDT8146

-Cisco 2811

-Aruba 650 contollers

-I NEED USED AND UNUSED MEDIA...LTO2  (HP ONLY), All brands of LTO3, LTO4, LTO5, 3592, DDS4, and more.

-All brands of portable ultrasound systems.

Please check back periodically for updates to this list, but don't forget that this is just a small sampling of what we are buying. Thanks.