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Yes, Landmark can help you with your A/C and power needs.  We buy and sell A/C units, PDUs, UPS Systems, Generators, Transfer Switches and more.

A/C Units and Chillers...


Power Distribution Units...

UPS Systems

-APC, Exide,

500VA, 800VA, 1.5KVA, 3KVA...whatever your needs, we have you covered on both the buy and sell side.


-Cummins, Onan, Generac, Kohler, Honda and more

We can help with gas, natural gas, diesel and electric.

Transfer Switches...

-Reliance, ASCO, ESCO, GE Zenith,

We can also assist with the de-installation and installation with professional, qualified technicians.  We also take care of all rigging, freight arrangements and costs for any purchases that we make and can also set it up for you if you buy from us.