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Landmark Associates has been providing Experienced Products and Professional Services to IT, Purchasing, Materials Management and other Business Professionals for over 25 years.

We offer a broad range of products and services for all types of businesses and applications.  We can help with any equipment needs related to any Data Center Equipment, Banking and Financial Hardware for Banks, Pawn Shops, Grocery Stores and more, POS for Retail Stores, Tracking for Warehouse Facilities and Distribution Centers, IT and Medical equipment for Hospitals and Doctors offices and more. 

Are you upgrading your entire data center or revamping your Point-of-Sale systems for all of your stores?  Did you buyout or merge with another company and need to close down sites or do something with redundant equipment?  Maybe you're looking at just swapping out a few printers at the home office or replace a malfunctioning router or telephone at a remote office?  Either way, we can help.  No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Do you have surplus or scrap to sell or get rid of?  We can help.  We are always looking for good, working, surplus for resale and parts to remarket as well as scrap for responsible recycling. 

Whether it's complete systems, upgrades, peripherals or parts that you need to bring in or take out, we can help.  We can also offer to supply you with parts or features for maintenance or repair if you are a do-it-yourself facility or you can let us handle it for you.  We can also help with materials and labor for surplus and scrap pick-ups..